Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lesson that you can learn from RT

Well its true, there is actual truth in some of the shit the 2IC like to tell us to amuse us when we are waiting for training to commence. Btw my 2 arms now feel lifeless and I am typing the ala 2 finger style. Back to teh story, well the 2IC is a funny man, he always entertain us by telling us some sexual facts (more like fictions) or jokes, like how good he is in bed.

Then he went on to brief the phase 1 guys and told if someone one were to come up to you and say 'they understand your problem' you go and fuck them. Coz no one can understand your problem, as everyone's problem is unqiue. I heard the same speech when I was phase 1 and it did not made much impact till recently. I look back n my life and wonder how many times was I teh asshole whom told the same 'I understand your problem' to someone when I would never truely know the real problem.

I guess wad we can do is console a person about his/her problems and even try to help. Being in the line of helping all my past friends when they presented their problems, I guess I went out of my way to help a lot of ppl whom have now forgotten me. Maybe that is why I find it hard to show my true self inside me as many of times when I try to tell someone my woes, they get brushed aside by the person whom presents me with his/her problems. Ended up trying to solve or tok about their problem and mine left to teh background.

It just happens so often till I find it that maybe even believe that my problems seem unimportant and no one wants to care about them. Thus I close up the things that bother me from my friends and family. Think ing that they dun want to hear about it nor want to help me. Now 10 yrs from that point, i guess nothing much the same. Its alwyas other ppl's problems ahead of mine.

To add on to the shit I am facing some fuckers prowl my blogs trying to instill justice to me for my past sins. Come on, you are not god , stop judging me, I may seem to not let it bother me, but frankly speaking, WAD THE FUCK you assholes want from me? Please if your only purpose is to come here and see how miserable my life is, or to try to make it miserable when things go well for me, FUCK OFF. Like the chinese would say, kill the person, his whole family and extended family. You think that would resolve or even chenge a single thing?

~A man stands by teh edge of the river, he drops a rock into it, what do you hear? The rock or the splash?~