Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wad to say

I have lots to say on teh contray, esp after reading Mr browns blog about some heated debate regarding some unhappiness regarding how the government is spending our tax payers money too woo so called talents that then run off after they completed their studies. To add insult to injury, some of these students then proclaim that our government is stupid to provide the scholarships and allowance inteh 1st place

The main arguement is here

This is a short summary of wad I read :

singaporean : singapore is being unfair to its own studenst blah blah blah

kate : no its you singaporeans too dumb and lazy to be competitive

singaporean : The gov dun seem to give fair ground for both to compete on teh same level

kate : you are too stupid that you are comparing apples with oranges

singaporean : fuck you

kate : fuck you back

singaporean : you dumnb bitch

kate : you racist nazi

singaporean : 22% of the university population here is foreign, which half is PRC

kate : that only makes slightly 3% of the population for every university

singaporean : its 11% of *each university*

kate : you used big words and confused me and thereore my assumption fo 3% is rite

singaporean : you go back primary school and study your maths

kate : you moron.....

singaporean : you imbecile....

and it goes on and on..........

Well I dun like to take sides but I read the facts this kate seems to have some facts behind her argument but it feels more like facts thrown in to make others think she is more credible than it seems, plus she ignores the fact that she made many mistakes in her arguments and have yet to admit they are mistakes, infact she sort s of shift the blame that the way the others wrote were unclear (read as excessive use of big words) thus she made no mistakes and therefore her assumption is rite. Its liek saying that I rob a back becoz the government did not provide a job for me.

Dun you just hate it when you see those self righteous bastards/bitches that never conceed in admitting to their mistakes? I really wonder how do these ppl ever survive, be it in a job, relationship and such. I will not be surprise if such ppl were to one day say they are god.

P.S. This is added on 9th Mar 2005

After reading further replies, not only this 'kate' does not admit to her mistakes, I am now sure that this person comes from the upper classes of the population as she has stemed that she had no problem paying for tution fees as the government subsidise a substantial part of it. Its either her parents who are so filthy rich paying for all her whims and therefore seem transparent to her or she is an elote scholar that the government pays for and intend to leave singapore after she gets her free education. Oh well, dun you just hate rich bitches....

Xiaxue in NUS

On a side note, I spoted the famous (or infamous) blogging celebrity in NUS. She was there to promote the local brand Tees she had so been asked to endorse, heavy make up and all. Not surprisingly there was a horde of ppl ard her booth (well not exactly a horde but it was crowded), though her horde is not as huge as teh horde at teh free milo truck. Conclusion? Xiaxue is popular.....but not as popular as milo :P

Also is it me or does it seem that all the ARTs gals in NUS seemed to be overly dressed on a tuesday? Its like chinese new year all over again, whereby the gals are all dress in their newest, sexiest clothes they have recently bought. No doubt I think that XX's visit to the 'humble' institue threw some red flags to the locals here. Maybe they felt that she (XX) is so pretty that all the guys would flock to her and thus in accordance to territorial rites, they had to bring out their sunday's best to make sure that the territry remains theirs

Sadly to say, I do not think that they (the 'damn' students) have anything to fear from this blogging queen. She does look different in real than in the photos, well she did say she would appear unphotoshopped, nothing in teh range of hideous, just she looks different form teh photo that greets you at the front page of her blog. Aside from that I dun see anything else that stuck me that she was a celebrity (well maybe the heavy make does try to be a bit celebritic) . anyway hope the sales went well for her brand name nonetheless.