Monday, March 14, 2005

Ants can take a few Gs

I had quite a few stow away passengers in my new plane yesterday, being the lazyass busy person I am at the field I decided to try to fly the ants off teh plane. As they (the ants) had infested the inisdes of the plane, it was difficult to remove them. A light bulb went off in my head and I decided to 'fly' them. Thus I preped the plane up for a pre evening flight, or known as the last light flight as the sun was setting fast.

I threw the plane into the air and she screamed away and I felt that everything seems to be fine up to this stage and shld not encounter any mishaps or wad so. I threw the plane into wild turns loops and rolls and threw her a few times repeating the loops and rolls all for a lasting 8 mins of flying time. The type of manuveurs I used could easily subject a person to almost 10Gs (where 1 G = to 1 times the gravity of the earth) of force. Thus smuggly thinking that any and all ants shld have done their rendition of drop zone by now.

Into the eigth minute, I found that guessing the oreintation fo the plane is begining to make me worry abit and as I did not want to tempt fate, I decided to land the plane. Landing was uneventful, to a point that it was almost perfect. But when I opened teh pane up and remove teh battery, the DAMN ants are still in there, about the same number that went up. How could this be? do ants defy the laws of physics? Sadly I had to borrow a cleaning bruch and slowly sweep them away.