Monday, March 28, 2005

The significance of 2012

I have been keepingmyself busy latelyin ready some conspiracy theories that the ppl of US of A conjured up felt that was real. One of these theories led to another and I was reading about a said experiment that was carried out during 1943. It denoted possibilities of time travel, inter dimention travel, radar displacement and visual cloaking.

I am sort of a science nut sometimes and things like this intrigues me. To an extend that it intrigues the hell out of me. The 1st stop was the 'Philadelphia Experiment' that the American government has still denined existed till this day. The read is rather long but it stated horrific events that happen during the said experiment. Also there was a brief mention of time travel in it and some science about how magnetic fields around earth works.

Then they link to this other page that talked about a 'Montauk Experiment' That seem to be a sort of extension to teh orignal experiment made. What was chilling is that in this read towards the end there is this line that made me think a bit.

'Other experiments included time travel. No one has picked up a tangible future beyond 2012 AD. There is a very abrupt wall there with nothing on the other side. A working time vortex was created to the future.'

So I started to wonder about 2012, I googled it up and was shocked that there is actually something about that date. According to the Mayan calendar, well their long count will end in Dec 21 2012AD. A lot of ppl have predicted that that may be the end of days. Its very coincidentally when you put those 2 information together. Maybe life as we know will end at 2012?

Then I began to wonder, What will I do if that really is the end. I mean on that final year or final month or year, wad wil anyone of you do? would you go out and do something you will not normally do? Or spend it with a loved one entwined together? Me I really dun know wad to do, I guess I can only react to this particular situation though I always felt that I am the sort to make plans for long term and not really an impluse kind of person. But these reads have shaken me a bit and left me wondering about a lot of questions.

It you are interested to find out more, just google 'what will happen after 2012AD' a lot of people have their own version that might happen.