Thursday, March 17, 2005

Do you want to be famous

It seems thatthe latest trend in bloggingis to get noticed, I see on a certain pink blog that ppl are shamelessly leaving their blog links in her comments page. I for one seldom leave a comment unless its worth leaving i.e. solving a IQ questionthat requires brains. But I do not put my blog address anywhere on the comment.

I read Calebs interview of Adri and found out that this babe is one of the pioneers of blogging. In the inteview there was advice on how to get more viewer ship and I found one part very interesting " link link link (5) it’s really quite easy to get noticed, as some people will say - get browned, xiaxued, popped by gandhi, whatever. :) " , as you can also see I do not have any blog links on my blog. Funny eh?

So wad does that tell you? Its either I am an idiot for not following that piece of tested and true advice or I do not want to be famous at all. I think for my case is I am too smart to be that said idiot so I guess its the later. Why do I not want to be famous you say? Well from wad I observe thru a certain someones blog, it seems that once fame gets into your head, it gets too big to fit thru the door, all logic is also thrown out of the door together with teh head. Like the saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely " , same goes with fame.

I mean when a 20 something year old and a 17 year old have a flame fest over the internet from blog to forums, you got to wonder why was the internet created in the 1st place, and they do it over an incident involving cab snatching and name calling no less. No matter who is in the wrong it still looks bad on both of them. It potrays how small minded Sillyporeans are.

Ugliness aside, there are better blogs to read (I used to think there were only a few good ones) like mr browns blog whom ever so graciously points you into teh direction of even more funnier blogs. For myself, I think hiding in this little nook of cyberspace is just all the attention I need. The counter I have in the blog lets me know that there are still very little ppl whom frequent my blog but recently teh number of hits have been increasing per day. I just hope that it will not come to a time where so many ppl come that I have to change my blog address and replicate my post there.