Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wads really going on??!!!

If you had read thru all my archives and have wondered why I do not post much about my own life, whether its the sad part or the happy parts, coz I am rather an emotional person in real. thus in here my alter ego will be someone nonchalant or even emotionaless. I dun really like to post my problems online for assholes people to disect. But sometimes it is hard for me to ignore the things that are happening ard me and treat it like everything is fine.

Just a sneak into the real me. Well at this point of time, while my love life might be soaring (yes people are cursing me this very moment to have such a good love life due to reasons only they know) my family is sort of falling apart. Well you see my father just retired recently and my brother has been out of a job since 3 yrs ago (or more) my mom cannot work due to heath and education reasons and that leaves with me. I bring home enuff for myself, well if I had not bought the car last year there is a chance I can support this family on my pay.

I cannot sell the car as I have to repay the full loan 1st to sell it, at least when I sell it I have to pay the balance in cash or at least pay installments till I 'break even'. Thus I am caught between a rock and a hard place. As for my father retiring, you will think that its a good thing and he shld be living off his CPF rite? No such luck.... Well 5 yrs or so ago, my uncle approached my father for money to start a business when his(my father) CPF matured. He lent him a big sum, ad my uncle started his business.

The business failed (my family luck is that good) and to help him further my father lent him more, till there was no more to lend. Worst thing is that he(my uncle) borrowed from the banks and owe a bit, my silly father being the guarantor had to pay off that money my uncle owed as he(my uncle) had gone into hiding as he (my uncle) had owed money to both banks and loan sharks.

So now, being retired, my father has no money to use from his CPF, has a lousy temper, thinks that he is rite all the time. Thus my mom is fed up with him and wants to move out when she has the money to do so. The only hope we might have now is that we might have to sell our house which is worth ard 400K. Buy a cheaper house, split the money equally among my mom and dad, watch my mom move out and keep my dad from slurping all this new found income.

Feels like 'Happy days' alll over again(*sighs*). Sometimes when I hear people say sometimes its good to die early, so that you wun have to suffer when you are old, I used to cringe. Now I find truth in that saying with each days passing.

P.S ever since I have been doing research about certain 'truths' of the start of WWII and the events of 911, my PC was infested with a few hundred spywares and virus attacks. Maybe there is some truth in wad I read and someone is releasing virus to those whom read these sites? Who knows.....well...who care sanyway.