Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tongues? (Do you want to be famous part 2)

Was cruising the blog highway and there seem to be a stir in the blogging community, something about tongues, something about twisting. Well mr brown had started a project for all bloggers that they can send in their photos of themselves to flicker (get an account 1st) and these photos should be of themselves sticking their tongues out ala xiaxue fashion in one of her earlier post.

Me I wun be posting any pictures of myself, much less will I pose with me and my tongue in a twist of fate. The only possibility Of a photo of myself be posted is one of my hand, in a clenched fist pose, with the middle finger extended, doing my best impression of a flying fuck. In fact, i did that this morning to some asshole on the road when I signalled and he sped up not allowing me to fliter.

Come to think of it I think I might even more famous than I gave myself credit, for maybe many of you out there have been famously 'flipped' off by me already and you could have seen my best impression of a flying fuck flash b4 your very eyes. Wadever the case, if you have seen it, it probably meant you deserved it.

aside from the flying fuck humor, I guess I shall sit here in my humble corner while i watch a certain someone's head expand from all the fame she is getting. Like balloons, heads too will explode if too much fame is pumped into it. Btw if you cannot tell, I love my lil quiet space I have in this corner and am in no way wanting hordes of assholes people coming in here and ruin my day.