Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Testing my paitence

The Chow Chee byes of UOB TPY better watch their attitude. Nah beh I just want to open a frigging investment account so that my agent can use it to do my CPF investing for me and thus the agents at UOB will not make a single of my cents made me wait from 310 till 5pm just to get it done.

On top of that I did not eat lunch. I 1st arrived at 3.10pm to get a number. Saw my number was 1077 and they were serving 1072. so I thought I get teh acc done and go home for food, at this point hunger aklready set in but I tahan some more. Boy was that a mistake. I waited for 20 mins and the fucking number did not once jump at all. I had 5 numbers ahead of me... how like that.

I told myself ok lets go home eat and come back maybe just rite my turn. Then I wenty home ate 2 bowls of my mums greatest macaroni and went back down to get the fucking acc done. the number jump to 1083 CHOW CHEE BYE. On the ticket there is a clause that states that if I miss3d my number I had to get a new one. 1089 was my que number now. I thought ok... shld be very fast since from 1072 - 1083 took them ard 20 mins. The time stated on my new ticket is 3.55pm.

I waited......and waited....and waited.... time is now 4.35pm and I am still not served plus a number was ahead of mine. These CHEE BYE kias like to talk so much to others in front of me, furthermore i noticed that all those infront of me seem to be ladies. Nevermind I wait. While waiting I heard this gigalo looking CHEE BYE kia stating to his colleagues that he only serve women and not men. I tot he was joking. So I waited, the CBK had nothing to do and chatted with another colleague. Then he saw this old lady coem in quickly wentto her and ask her if she needed assistance. Nvrmind I tong...I lun

Then my turn finally up, went to counter, the bitch at the counter told me 'oh you want open investment acc, I cannot do it here, you go to thsi counter' wait that is an empty counter, in my mind fireworks were going off. 'He went to toilet, he weill be back to serve you' it was another counter that was serving a mother and dotter before me and he sounds like a faggot. He even was very chatty with the duo as I was seated very nearby while waiting and heard some of teh convosation. By now smoke is coming out of my head and I can fry an egg on my forehead.

I waited somemore and wad happened? The CBK earlier that served the old lady was done, saw the mother dotter duo and another lady waiting for their accounts to be finalized, went up to them and asked if they needed assistance. CHOW CHEE BYE, I wasteher like 30 mins why you never ask me!!!!! KAN NI NAH BEH CHOW CHEE BYE I NOT HUMAN SI BOH??!!! I glare at the fucker and gave him my 'blessing' (usually in the form of KAN NI NAH SI KIA BOH KAH CHENG).

Thats it, I will never open another account with these fuckers. You CHEE BYES, you lost a customer today.