Monday, April 18, 2005


Forgot to put this part in when I blogged earlier in the morning. While at the flying field, some of my friends and I were toking about the upcoming decision of the gargerment to have a casino here in singapore

Friend A : Heard they shld be going for the casino here

Friend B : No shit!!

Me : yup we might need to relocate soon

Friend B : Why so?

Friend A : They thinking of using this place as the sight for the new casino

Friend B : No shit!!

Me : Yup damn assholes dun think twice (toking about teh gargerment). We are too small a community to be bothered with anyway

Friend A : Maybe one of the fliers shld try out for PAP

Me : For fuck? Be one of teh gargerment lackys?

Friend A : To preserve a place for us to fly.

Me : yeah rite, they already have plans for us, its called Ubin

Friend A and B laffing their ass off

Me : really they will not hesitate to ship yours or my ass off to that island if they wanted to

Friend B : so wad are your plans??

Me : HUAT AH!!!!!

Friend A and B looking at me with discerning thoughts......

Me (after a long plause) : Will be shouting that when I dive my 90 dollar plane at 100Kph towards their newly christen casino.

Me adding : with prolly a few kilos of home made explosives (its a joke)

All : Hahahahhahahhhahah

Sometimes I got too much time on my hands to pull shit out just like that. But I think they are really targeting Marina south for teh new casino. *sigh* have to relocate soon.