Monday, April 18, 2005

Flying Car at ECP

Yesterday as I went to fly in my usual field off marina south, a terrible accident happened. at that time (ard 3:30pm) I was standing ard watching my 2 other friends fly. We heard a 'bam' like sound that reminded me of wad a basket ball sounds like when bounced off the ground real hard. I turned to the ECP and watch as a gold coloured SUV was in mid air doing some semi spiral and ended up turtled.

Not to sure if the driver got out. Not too sure if the driver was hurt. Not too sure if it was a he or a she. But a lot of vehicles slowed down. A lot of vehicles stopped. A huge crowd of ppl got out to find out wad happened. The cars wheels were still running and the exhaust was still pumping out. Until someone managed to turn off teh engine.

It was a sight that was surreal and the road in question would be the piece of road that I would have used to enter MS. I usually enter ard the same time as the accident and by a stroke of luck that day i woke up early and mistook the time and ended up there half an hour earlier.

Drivers out there, I would just like to say this, FUCKING signal and FUCKING slow down when something appears to be wrong ahead and not try to swerve or force your way. It leads to no good. If you think rushing for that extra 2 mins is worth dying for then, I guess you shld just kill yourself now and not get others involved.

On other news

Read on the 'blogging queens' site regarding teh death of her friend and how disrespectful it is to have a pastor preach at a funeral. I agree totally, like how I agree it is disrespectful to dis dead ppl calling them names like 'stupid' and such. Its sad that she has to learn how to respect the dead only when one of her friends died. Seems like her friends end up paying for her 'sins' oh well I digress