Thursday, April 14, 2005

Newsroom revisited....

Told myself that I shld not chiong anymore. Told myself to have an early night. Told myself to not go back to newsroom, but bah....I did not heed my own words. Was out to town agian, after 6 months of abstinence from the newsroom. Actually teh night started having to want to go to gotham penthouse in clarks, but due to some unforeseen events, ended up in sultans.

Was there with lil miss whiney and her newly formed friend Queen of the Jungle, but in my head I keep calling her queen of cheese bums :X. Ended up in newsroom coz dbl o que was long. The gals took 2 drinks each and decided they had enuff of the place where teh drinks are like water. I had my usual. The place change, if felt sleazier than the last time I had been there. There were multitudes of old chais profession class women in their 30s and men ten years older to boot.

Also a sudden influx of china looking ppl are flockingto this place or is the latest fad to mock dress up as a china person. On my way out I was surprised to see that they had some poker game going on and they had a sort of currency that was as useful as a pee soaked tissue paper. the catch is, if you win enuff 'JD monneh' you can change it for an ipod mineh. Yet I thought that they had to appy for some sort of license in order to start a sort of gambling den. Yet the grey areas of sillypore surprised me again.

Ended back at gotham again. When walking towards the club, I mentioned thatin my haydays, some places would not allow sandals into the club, the thing is with the current style, it is usually a blur line btw wad defines a scandal and wad defines a high heel. With life immitating 'The truman show' style, when we arrived at the club, Lil miss whiney was banned from going into gotham due to the same reason I stated 2 minutes ago inteh lift. Like as though life revolves ard me, freaky man.

Ended up parting with the Queen whom made a bee line back into the club for her free intoxication and me sending lil miss whiney home. Well thats another 4 hrs that went down the drain which could have been used to build up my city :P

P.S. the last part is meant to be a joke if lil miss whiney gets annoyed seeing that