Friday, April 22, 2005

I have been watching

I have been watching for a while, the happenings and the makings of wad goese ard in this little country we love and call Sillypore. Wad do you mean by watching, well wad i mean is simply observing. I like to watch the world go round, draw my own conclusions and to sort come out with my own theories on wadnots.

Mainly I seem to observe that ppl here in sillypore are almost 2 distinctive groups of ppl. Well at least from the blogs I read. Group 1 is more of thesqueaky clean sillyporean, where they abide in the law, do not do things that you only see in movies, believes in monogamy, etc. Then there is Group 2 which seems to the total opposite of group 1. I will write a brief description of the2 groups i have encountered.

Group 1

This group is more of ppl whom are family starter sort, They make a big majority of the populace. More of the average joe that goes to work and goes home without a life. The one that complains that everything is too expensive. Says that they did not vote of the PAP and wonders why they still hold the reign of the country.

This group of ppl usually do not take much risk in their lifestyles and thus usually go with wad is tried and tested. Also they seem to have this misconception that sillypore is all green and clean and that things like sex, drugs, crime and other vices only happens across our borders.

Group 2

This other group on the other hand seems to go unnoticed by the other while fully aware of the law abiding brethen in this little muck hole we call home. They thrive in late nites, designer drugs, even have a bit of casual sex if the partner looks rite. With recent coverage of young adults hanging out at pubs and discos and then later seen puking their guts out.

This 'shocking' behaviour did make news a few months ago, but such things are like everyday happenings to these ppl. in fact there are case whereby a stranger plucks a wasted gal from the floor an dher puke puts her into his car and brings her to some secluded spot to fuck her brains out and put her somewhere later on. Its normal to them.

Me as a watcher

I watch and observe both sides. I have been to both sides of the spectrum. Seeing t he green clean side and also teh down rite dirty side. Who says sillypore is boring must not know whom to mix with or just have friends that are all green and clean. Been on both sides of the fence before I do think the clean side sometimes does get boring. But at least its safe and predictable and predictable is good. Maybe I am in the stage of getting old and stop doing foolish thing phase.

Also a lot of blogs show the stark contrast of lif ein this lil hell hole we call home. Some state about mundane lives and how peaceful life is here. The most excitment that may happen in their lives might be taxi snatching or hand phone stealing. Where else some other blogs toks about endless boozing, partying, sleeping with different ppl, in a ala sin city style that potrays sillypore as a vice city more than a green and clean one.