Thursday, April 28, 2005

America!!! FUCK YEAH

We are dicks and you are pussies
dicks likes to fuck pussies
and pussies think they can control dicks
But there are assholes too who like to shit on dicks and pussies
Sometimes dicks fuck assholes too
Or else assholes will cover dicks and pussies in shit

Wahahahhaha Crap line I tell you. I watched Team america last nite at home with Lil miss whiney and I can tell you that it had both of us bowling with lafter. It is a seriously screwed up show that seems to be a parody in how america handles terrorism.

For the uninitiated, it is a movie that uses puppets instead of live actors and it is funny as hell. It also has a lot of gorey violence and some very raunchy and graphical sex scenes. The language borderlines on NC 16 and M18, well I think it could be a R21 too for teh sex scenes that is.

You should watch this show, I watched in on a dvd lent to me by a friend but as with all 'redistributed DVDs' coming from the north, teh subtitles at some point in time made no sense. As lil miss whiney preffers to watch all shows with engrish subbies as to grasp furthermore on the plot with words we cannot regcponize due to the slanging of language. It dawned on me that whoever did teh subtitles had a hard time deciphering the language too.

Do go watch this, not sure if they are showing this in the cinemas though, but I think they will censor the raunchy parts out.