Friday, May 06, 2005

Back from Tioman

I am back at work. Almost a week of holidays that went by too fast. i think I will take another week later. Anyway I was at tioman over teh long week end. the trip there was uneventful a bit long. Luckily I did not get sea sick on the ferry ride to the island. Though my head was hurting at that time.

When we disembarked the 1st thing we noticed is that the sun was burning our skins. It was hot. We quickly made our way to the resort checked in and got all our stuff into the room. !st thing to do wa sto turn up the a/c and cool ourselves. Then next was to satisfy our grumbling tummies. We also made arrangements for the next days snorkeling.

Lunch was fired rice and fired beehoon kampung style. The sotong in the fired rice is so fresh you can taste the sea in it, I swear!! Then we went back to the room for a rest and waited for teh sun to be less scorching and went for a light swim. Towards the northwest of the resort there was an out crop island very nearby and we wanted to swim to it.

The current between the outcroping and the main island was very stronga nd it prevented us from getting there at 1st. So we explored the rocks at the main island side. The water being cool in the hot sun was to much of our relief as we used our own snorkels to explore the area. We also had previously applied lots of SPF 130 sunscreen to protect ourselves from being a burnt belachan as we went ard looking underwater

Clear blue waters, abundant life under the waters, it all seem like a paradise for us. We were astounded that teh fishes actually swam very close to use to feed onteh rocks. Many of these fishes were curious with us and came very near my feet. It was like swiming in an aquarium. Its the 1st time I have such a close encounter with colourful sea life so close and in the wild. It was a good experience.

Will update day 2 when I get teh photos.