Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Tioman Trip

Ok I said I would be uploading the pics of teh trip, so here they are. Since I Lil miss whiney took a lot of pics, I thought it would be tter if I made a story board with them to depict the trip.

We arrived at the causeway to find this crazy lorry driving down the pavement mowing down pedestrains as he went along


Ok he was not really on that side of the road, just that the camera caught the reflection of the other side and created a nice effect.

Then our bus made its way to mersing to let down some passengers


After a 15 min delay we were on the way to 'Tanjong Gemok' (dun ask me why its called edge of the fat, who knows wad these crazy malaysians are thinking at that time). We boarded our fast ferry and they made sure that all the seats were taken before they let the boat set sail.


After one hour or so of riding the not really fast ferry we finally see land, Tioman our destination


When we got off the ferry terminal it was so hot that I felt my skin sizzle under the hot sun.


Thus We made a half dash to the resort to get our rooms as soon as possible.


The resort looks rather good, as seen in this pathway its not as backward as I thought it would be


We went to this place for lunch and the fried rice was heavenly, I could almost still taste the sea in the sotong. They also had ramly burger.


The Place had lots of indigenous vegetation that gave it a pacific getaway feel


After counting the cocnuts the tree had we made it to our rooms and splashed on our 130SPF sun screens to go for a evening swim. During which we encountered jelly fish and decided to end our swim, but not before we saw some of the more colourful marine life that swam up to us. After the swim we decided to take a walk around to see wad we could find.

Lil miss whiney saw these 2 guys but felt that it was a good composition while I tot that the buldge on one of the guy is bad compostion....


It was so hot we could not resist this on the way to the Jetty for our walk


We finally got to the jetty on sunset.


She took my back as I walked to the jetty


Well the 1st day was rather slow and not much happening. At nite we decided to go out for a walk, outside the sky was filled with stars, like a million of them, just like the time I was in rockhampton for my SAF training and stuck atop a barren hill. It is something we do not see in singapore for all the lights in our city dims out the stars that are usually visible.

On the jetty there is this row of seats that was placed there for ppl to rest, but in the morning when we went to the jetty for our morning walk I found it here now.


The tide is very low in the mornings such that you can actually walk to the out cropping that we we had to swim to in order to get to it on the 1st day we arrived. We caught this random guy looking out into the low tide of the sea


Proof of low tide

before pic

after pic

Small Island we swam to the day before, now you can walk to it

There was a mudskipper in one of the ponds of water left by the low tide. Can you see it?


We took a walk at the beach before going back to our room to change for the scheduled snorkeling trip we had. but spot this feline walking towards us.


He then did something that only my chinchila does


He rolled on the sand and used it to bath at my feet.

Lil miss whiney spotted her shadow on the sand and decided to take it, see she can be a super model...


She was satisfied after that as seen in this pic


During the trip due to the fact that it would be wet, no photos were taken. But we did see many fishes and Lil Miss whiney spotted a spotted eel (punt intended). The eel looked to be ard a meter long and had a head bigger than that of my hand. No one seemed to have spotted the eel but us.

We only reached back to the resort after 1pm and were dead tired. We decided to have a nap and maybe go for another evening swim, but we woke up at ard 6pm and was too late to have our swim as we feared jelly fish were coming in with the evening current.

The beach chairs looked aluring, calling us to rest on them


We saw some of the native kids rowing a boat, but somehow this pic reminds me of the 'music video' we are singapore.


Dinner was lonelily cheap at a astounding $RM40 with 4 dishes at the place only seafood restaurant.


Then we went back to the room for an early rest and booze we bought at the shop at a dirt cheap price of $RM48 for a bottle of malibu.

Next morning it was time to pack up and leave this beautiful place and head back to sillypore, but i think i spotted something sillier

I am sure she is too young to play with that

Before we departed we knew that our early lunch would also mean that we will be hungry so we decided to have a ramly on the go

She looks so happy cooking it for us

And it was to the Jetty after that..


We turned ard for our one last look at the island and it felt like the gods were not happy seeing us leave its island

See the clouds touching the hills? So cool eh?

We smuggled ourselves back to sillypore under a ton of fish in this


No lah we took the same route back the way we came an dthat concludes the trip...that was a long post.