Thursday, May 19, 2005

I need to update the blog but.....

Moving back to the 3rd floor has taken longer than expected, now I only have 1 network point to service 3 pcs and work is slow, well I dun feel like working, the normal assholes still bug me(drivers on roads, pple with vendettas with me...the works)

I will be watching star ward tomorrow thru my company subsidised screening. I get to watch it at lower than half the price normal movie goers get to. Its no big deal. No word when they gonna give the tix though.

A lot of admin to settle else Lil miss whiney kills me. I am the sort whom hate changes in my life but sometimes you got to make a huge leap and make soem drastic changes to be happier. I am at that edge now and making the final run down to leap.

Oh yeah Murphy you better stay out of my way else I will condem all your decendants with no anuses.