Monday, May 16, 2005

Famous???? Who gives a fuck?!

Why is it that ppl whom are famous (or think they are famous) think that they shld be given preferential treatment? I mean even if you ar ereally famous (maybe a world regconized star) why shld you be able to cut cues or get into exclusive clubs without paying? Even if you are some minister or president's kid you shld know that you are not the minister nor president, thus cue up and pay to get into places the same as everyone else

Me, I have never idolize anyone, be it star or singer or some famous blogging idiot. I find it dumb to idolize a person that has the same strengths, or inthis case weakest as myself. If they person can run faster than a bullet you tell me, if the person can shoot x-rays out of his eyes you tell me, if a person swings a sabre of light and uses the force you tell me. Aside from being super human, I have never felt anyone is of idol quality to me.

So if I was famous I would like everyone to give me the same treatmet I get when I was not famous, I believe in being humble, I dun act like a spoilt brat just because I think I am somebody. If you think that being famous means you got power, then you are sure wrong, just remember this when you go out late at night, a rapist dun care if you are famous or not, he will rape you, a thief will not care whom you are, he will rob you, and killer can just kill you for kicks and he wun even care whom you are.

My favourite line would be, 'A 5.56mm NATO round will kill me the same way it will kill you, so how different are you?'