Friday, June 03, 2005

Its a trap........

There will be no way that the gargerment be able to control the blogsphere here in sillypore, thus they set up all the bloggers to have this so called blogconference. Since the gargerment cannot control some thing that huge(unless they invent mind control) they will destroy it.

They will send in their SOF and surround the building where the said conferenc3e will be held. thus nobody gets out and in one fell swoop, they will take them all out like how the jedis were taken out with no fore knowledge. They will gas the place and blame it on a gas pipe bursting, killing everyone in it.

I have come across their plans as they did their planning via video conference and they had employed my dept to facilitate the meeting. I have seen their evil ways and as with anything they cannot control, they will either destroy or exile them to ubin.

The men in white are evil, do not let their squeaky clean suits deceive you as their hearts are as black as tar.

With this I will send the warning to all whom reads my blog not to attend the event of the year for bloggers else it will spell certain doom to them. I myself will not be attending and will remain hidden and exile myself for teh time being, till teh massacre that the dark ones are planning has been executed. I shall train new bloggers to rise up against the evil white ones when the time comes.

Incidentally today is the bday of my blog, it has been one full year today that I started this paradox that reflex the twisted ramblings of my mind. Fitting it is the day that I discovered the plot and will go into hiding.