Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Driving by this double decker bus near queenstown got me thinking. On the bus was this huge ad about how the product makes this star's skin glow and flawless. I always wonder if these marketing asses geniuses know that the consumers are not your average dumbasses as gullible anymore.

Is it not obvious that they asked a star whom has flawless skin to begin with to endorse inthe said product. That it was by no means the intake of their product that achieved this result? Or are ppl going to say 'hey if I apply this, I will have skin like said hong kong star' Riiiiiiighhhhhhhtttt.... that will happen.

The consumer is a different animal now than it used to be and I am sure they know the whole ruse about getting stars to endorse products. Just like my Xando episode, it did nothing for me and they got freaking fann wong to endorse teh product. Hello...she is freaking slim alrdy, its like cheating. Get a real fat ass to slim down and then tell the story, maybe the ppl will listen. Also remember not to say shit like 'while taking this product, please keep you calorie intake to XXX number'. If I can keep my calorie intake down, I wun need your shitty product.

Its more of a social stigma that we have put on our society ourselves, whereby slim is beautiful. Then our gals have this insane perception that they think they are fat when they see their reflection in the mirror, whne they are stick thin. Look at miss singapore 2005, can you say stick with boobies?(not much boobies too) If this goes on, none of our gals will ever be able to walk out of their homes with confidence as they will keep thinking taht everyone on teh street is judging their fats and wadnots. Which is by the way an illusion in their own minds.