Thursday, June 02, 2005

20Km of Road....So much frustration

Every morning I have to drive from home to work and the stretch of road is usally less than 20Km, yet every morning driving this hell bent gaunlet of a road infuriates me so much. Its funny how just 20 mins or so spent on this 20Km piece of road can make you bitter for the rest of your day.

The worst stretch of it begins at dunman towards clementi road, the road that leads to ngee ann poly. You would think that being the holidays now that there will be less cars travelling by this road. Man its as though this road leads to teh city man. All the way from the Junction of ulu pandan till the junction at king albert park it would be jammed. On top of that you get shit for brains drivers 'doing their thing' without regard of public safetly.

1) After I passed the junction at king albert park going towards the merging lane, a dark blue merc (damn merc drivers) on the left lane swerve into my lane (I was in the lane at the time) trying to avoid some traffic that did not want to wait to turn into the road we were on. The problem is, the merc driver did not chk his blind spot if anyone was in it. I was there, I braked, I horned, I flashed my finger. Driver is an old indian man.

2) 2 traffic lights later I was on the right most lane and it was flowing better than any other lane. Gold toyota altis without so much of a signal changed into my lane when I was there. I braked, I flashed, I horned, I showed my finger. Driver was a middle age bitch.

3) 100m, later, a red marche did the same thing to me, this time I was already occupying teh spot. I braked, I flashed, I horned, I showed her my finger. Driver is a young bitch.


No one here check blind spots, no one chk mirrors, all like to suka suka change lane swerve into lanes. All the fucking assholes drivers of singapore congregate at that stretch of the road every morning?? Ok next tiem I change Car I think I will buy one of our $1 APCs to take my drive to work and will fucking crush anyone whom pisses me off, crush them like a cockroach.