Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Ego is a fragile thing

Recently there have been numerous spats on male egos, more of teh lack of it. The open male bashing by certain well known individuals are not helping these poor male specimens that have their egos battered to a pulp in which some have sworn off gals, or for that matter of fact, love.

Thus it spurred me to remember my past and some of the crazy things i used to do. The male ego is abeit fragile and the worst thing is teh opposite sex has always deemed that most men have bullet proof egos, which is not the case. Even sexual preference with the partner plays an important part, in which if the partner refuse to do a certain act when asked to might put a huge dent into a guys ego. Or a simple comment from the said partner about a certain physical adspect of the guy usually makes him sink into his depression pit, but we men know how to hide it thus the 'fairer' sex usually is oblivious to the damage done.

My cure for such ego deflation is to go take a walk in geyland, yes its not the best idea but if beats trying to pick chat up women, it is cheaper and it is a quick remedy for low esteem. No I am not asking you guys to commit infidelity by calling a pro for a one time passion. Just take a walk there and these gals will come up to you. I used to do that very often over a year ago and since then I have yet to gone down again, well since my ego need no more boosting but advice is free anyway so why not share it rite?

These women are pretty, these pretty women have thick make up, these heavily made up pretty women have big tits(usually fake I guess), these big tit heavily made up pretty women will come up to you and chat you up. They will ask you if you want to 'go' but pls do not let their sweet talk get to you. They only see you as big wallets walking in the streets.

I have heard enuff stories in the sammy leong forums to gather that these women will come up to you and grab you by the arm. These women will grab your arm and hold them against their tits. These women while holding your arm against their tits will ask you to 'book' them. These women while holding your arm against their tits asking you to 'book' them will promise good service(best you will ever get). These women while holding your arm against their tits asking you to 'book' them and promising the best service will say that they liked you the moment they saw you.

The sad truth is, they do that to every man. the sad truth is they do it every nite. The sad truth is they only want your money. Still the perks are there, just take a walk, hear their sweet nothings, telling you how ham-son you are promsiing the world(at least in the bed room) If you are lucky you would have brushed up against enuff tits to have your ego(read as penis) inflated so big that you can cum on command.

Just make sure that when you go down, do not bring more than $40 in your wallet, I heard that that is the cheapest rate. But when I was there for my eye candy, being the curious arse that I am, when I asked about teh price, they shocked me asking for $100 excluding room.

Also these are some reason why you should not call one, well anyway to me they are enuff to sway me from actually going all the way with one.

1) I am a cheap bastard poor man and I do not believe in paying for sex.

2) The thought of putting my dick into a walking petri dish full of weird cultivated bacteria makes my penis hide in my asshole

3) I read enuff of the sammy leong forums to know that 90% of teh time when a gal promis e good service and the world for that, she usually gets the cash rush you for the bang, did not give you whatever service you were promised, give lame excuses of being tired and all, leaving you feeling cheated, which defeats the purpose of teh ego boosting excusion and maybe make your feel worst than before.

But if there are dudes out there that actually go for their tricks persuasion and enjoy the session, well good for you. One man's meat is another's poison. Just remember to have your safety precautions and remember to go for regular check ups.