Monday, June 27, 2005

Some humans are just plain morons

I am refering to the hairwreckerstylist at EC house in toa payoh central.I know that they are human too, but this one, this particular one is either retarded or just want to make my hair look like a cat went thru it.

I told her at the start I only want to do slope, low slop in fact and the fringe cut no more than slightly below the eyebrown(my fringe was up to my lip). Also to add, I told her not to come my right side of my hair to my left and balance them out, I think this is a moronic technic and whomever thought of it shld be hung by his balls till he dies. Forthose whom dun know my hair has a right side and a left side whereby the right is a lot longer than the left and if you balance it out when I comb my hair teh way I like to comb it I would look like an idiot.

So these instructions are very clear and my hair was in a shape that even a 2 yr old knows that I want toretain as I di not mention in anyway at anytime that she can have a artistic try on my hair nor did I say I want to change my look. I JUST WANT A FUCKING TRIM YOU MORON, WHAT IS THAT TOO HARD TO COMPREHEND?!!!!!

The fucking bitch just started to do her thing that in no way looked like she was cutting slope, more like cutting inner cut. But her work was quite good at that point, so I thought I shld let her carry on, BIG MISTAKE. When she work on my left side all hell broke loose, even after reminding her not to balance my hair, twice in fact, she when ahead and balanced it when she was work up from the left. I stopped her immediately but was too late. The damage was done.

I told her off, I told her that I initially had a parting and she could well see the parting was rather obvious and now she messed it up and my hair resembled a frizzy mop. She then tried to make up by tidyingup and putting water on my hair and tried to comb it back the way it was and failed badly in doing so.

EC house has lost a repeat customer, I will put my 10 bucks somewhere else. I will never let these morons taht one know one way of cutting hair and no flexibility to ever touch my hair. Esp when they cannot follow my instructions which were clear and simple. I hate ppl, but at times like these I despice them, esp when they are morons with a single digit IQ.