Monday, July 04, 2005

The things we do....

Was down again to the field for my weekly sanity check flying and instead of flying more I am now doing diagnostics for a lot of ppl's planes. I am not perfect guys and it strokes my ego that you guys come to me for help. Its a bit tiring if I have to look at so many planes everytime I go down to the field. I appreciate that you guys value my advice, still sometimes I would like to fly my own plane.

Anyway must apologize to Mathieu, did not save your plane from a crash, those it is a quick fix I still feel bad not being able to bring in teh plane for you. To Gilbert and his beaver, sorry I could not get it flying for more than 3 mins, also trying to get your plane flying really got me very puzzled why it acts that way. Next time when I have the time I make sure it fly swee swee ok?

I really hope for more of the lao jiao pplto come back to fly so that I can have less work to do inthe field. Getting home dog tired on a sunday and havingto go to work the following monday sucks.

Lil miss whiney was depressed over her wt issues and now we trying to find a diet that will work for her. Hopes she looses weight (not becoz she needs it but becoz she is very depressed when she sees her wt goes up) so that she can be a funny naught self again.

Update on hair : 1 week has passed and I look more like a moron now, I think I have to gel the damn thing now :(