Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War of the Delinquents

It was supposed to be a show to watch with Lil miss whiny in peace
It was supposed to be the hit of teh summer
It was supposed to be fun

Yet it was all but that. Not taking into the account that the show was really lacking in acting, scripting or even the visual effects department. Some young delinquents had to make the movie even less enjoyable as it is already.

Ten minutes into the show and this young punk got up from his seat went to the back(where we were seated) and proceed to open the exit. Then about 5 or six young delinquents made their way in to the nearest empty seats while the rest sat at the back on the steps leading to the door.

If they had come in quickly and quietly I would not have been so peeved. If they had not chated audiobly during the show I would not have been peeved. If they had kept their handphones on silent mode I would not be that peeved. But alas being the retards scum of the society ah bengs that they are ( with red rooster hair and all) they did all that to make me peeved. Not even mentioning that I felt ripped off taht I paid to watch the show while these delinquents watched it for free.

The worst thing is that most of these half witted dumbass ah bengs were not even interested in the show. Well I would not blame them, they seem to lack the comprehension of what the show was even about. So they were making noise with their handphones not on silent answering and sending sms throughout the show, so what do I do? I shush them of course, but one of them diao me.....the nerve of him.

Anyway I felt complelled to write this letter of complain to eng wah promptly after that :

Dear Sir/Mdm

I am writing this letter to complain about the lack of security of your branch in Toa Payoh Entertainment center. On 4th of July 2005 I purchase 2 tickets to watch your screening of 'War of the Worlds' at 9pm. Ten minutes into the show a patron walked to the exit which was in the vincinity of my seat and opened the exit door to let several young people into the cinema.

I am not sure if these people bought tickets to watch the screening, but they sat on the steps near teh exit and started to make some noise and chatted on their mobile phones. I am quite annoyed by the racket they made. I also felt cheated as I had to spend money to watch the show while these people came in without tickets and watch it for free.

I do hope that you can improve on the security of cinemas so that such an incident do not repeat itself else i would have to stop patronising your outlet or organization if such incidents happen on a regular basis.

Your Unhappy Customer

Lets see what eng wah decides to answer me. Not that I like to complain but bloody hell I paid good mony to watch a sub standard show so at least let me enjoy it taht much.