Saturday, July 09, 2005

Itchy feet

Its been a long time since I worked on a sat, well a year is a long time. Today I am supposed to work the whole day so that some pimply NUS grad can have their ceremony to graduate, take some lame photos in front of the UCC that they only visit once their whole lifetime in a gown they wear maybe once in their lifetime.

I just wonder how much of this is worth it, now that degree seems to be attainable by almost anyone. Not that I have one, but if you ask me to go get one, i think I would do rather badly as I am sure my brains have rotted out a long time ago and my body is now functioning by habit.

Anyway I could not sleep at 6:30am today, no idea why I just woke up and could not sleep anymore. Maybe the fact that today is my 1st day for duty on the commencement as I was on photoshop CS course the last 2 days. Maybe the reports of the downtime during the 1st show gave me jitters.

I woke up to itchy feet and started scratching. I then realized that there are a lot of scabs on my feet. I think I have been scratching a bit too much. I could have sworn that some commando mosquito is in my room doing gureilla tactics on me. Well at least I am going leave this room of mine to hav emy own roof soon. Lets hope I do not pack the mozzie with me.

Its going to be a big event this evening as a few guys are going to bring out their new planes and feature them at the field. My own twinjet has been given a new paint job and I intend to take some pretty pics b4 flying her. I guess all my sleepless jitters are aminly caused by teh anticipation of tonite.

Btw blog con is coming soon, not sure if i want to be known, as of it already is, I seemed to have gained a few more readers, thanks for dropping by, not that I do not appreciate you dropping by, but the fact that knowing ppl are reading sometimes scare the shit out of me. luckyily I was not known to the blogging community last year when I did the bar top dancing post. I am sure that would have been tomorrowed and a furry of readers would have followed.