Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Car is not your Car

Last nite while I was sleeping, my bro whom had a friend over (whom was not feeling well) decided to be generous to his said friend and send her home since she was not feeling well. He thought that he could just use my car to send her home and left a note saying he was going to do that on the table.

I woke up saw the note and was pissed. I mean why he thinks that the car is a family car and why he thinks he can use it if I am not using it. He does not help me contribute to teh car or the fuel nor wash it at all. He wants to show off to his friend at my expense, which i willnot take.

I told him off and will no longer lend him my car ever, till he learns to respect my stuff and not take things for granted. I may sound mean but I am the younger brother and he is using my car like he owns it or I owe him so I must put my foot down to say no in future.