Thursday, July 21, 2005

And the Hacking begins

It would have been sooner or later that some angry, jealous or just bo liao person will hack into a famous blog and do some malicious harm to your personal blog, it came sooner. Xiaxue's , aka wendy aka the sillypore's most popular blogger, site has been hacked. No details yet and I am not going to speculate.

According to her, she lost all her post but the good thing was that she backed up most of it, only the last 2 months of her work were not backed up and regretfully lost forever. Her templates are gone too, so no longer will the picture of her sitting on a cushion greet you but a plain and empty generic page from blogspot.

At this time as you can see from her last post, she has regained access to her blog and is trying to weed out the culprit. As for everyone else, there are a few lessons to learn here. 1stly, backup ur shit no matter wad, unless you can forgo all the entries you had made in the past days/months/years , secondly, be nice to ppl, you never know whom you will piss off, and from her track record, she had pissed off many, lastly, fame is not everything, sometimes being unknown safe guards you from malicious bastards and it helps if you change yoru pws regularly.

I am again on the fence sitting my ass with a picket stick up my asshole on this issue, there are too many wad ifs. I do not condone wad this cracker(the correct term of a hacker with malicious intend) did, but Wendy herself shld also take a good look on herself, I mean we do sow wad we reap u know.

A man at the gates of heaven was ask by god, 'so wad have you done in your years of life?' The man replies ' I have built empires, had had many under me, had the respect of millions' before he could finish, god spoke ' but not an inch of kindess in your heart to your peers, your brethen and fellow men', with that a loud clap came from the sky and the man was thrown from heaven into the abyss beneath.

Update : Seems like the hacking did not end with Xiaxue, another blogger , Wonky tong, has been hacked too. I guess some one out there really hate bloggers.