Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I did not know they are cloaked

I was down yesterday to Fook Hai building to get 2 motors as one had burnt out on me and I had to have 2 matched motors to power my twin engined jet. Thus on arrival I found a parking space rite in front of the building. After I parked, I surveyed the area and saw no 'parking aunties', made a quick dash into the building and in no less than 5 mins got my motors changed, paid for teh price difference and headed for my car.

Just then I saw a 'parking auntie' in front of my car. Thinking that they had just got there as I only took less than 5 mins, I made a dash to my car and said I am leaving alrdy, which she replied, she already keyed it in and was printing it out. I told her I only arrived as she could feel my hood was still hot. The kuai lan auntie replied, yes i know your hood is hot but I dun know where you go thus I surmoned you. I told her but I was only her less than 5 minutes. She then felt that she might get a stroke across her face with my baton in my car, proceed to say that I shld appeal for it and will write something on the ticket in my defense.

There are 2 things that baffles me, if you going to ask me to appeal it, why give me a ticket in the 1st place? The other thing is that where teh fuck did these 'aunties' pop out from? I did not see anyone at all for a 100 m radius from my car, went in less than 5 mins and came out and there she was, these 'aunties' also achieve a top speed of 1km/h when they go form car to car, so how the hell did she get to my car so fast. I think they hid in man holes across the city and pop out when they see you leave your car without putting a coupon.

Thus I had to make another trip down to town today to make an appeal to teh ticket at URA centre. the old man there lectures me that I shld next time put a ticket and tells me I am free to go. Not sure if I haveto pay for the fine though.

It is times like these that I lament to know more ppl, its times like these that make me relish my reclusiveness. Sometimes you just cannot help hating ppl.