Monday, July 25, 2005

There is no hope for the human race

Over the weekend, a myrid of things made me loose hope for the human race as a whole. 1stly we have the now popular hacking of XX and her picture plastered on news paper showing how disgrunted she is about teh whole affair, I mean, we have shallow assholes whom comes into a persons blog and rapes it, so how much of a moral person are we toking about by raping some persons blog.

Then there was this incident at the car park where i live, made me think twice in future about even bothering to honk ppl whom are standing in the middle of the carpark talking as though its some pub. I made a 1st friendly honk to tell them I am going out and if you dun get out of teh way I will roll all over their asses. Nope they did not move. they still con't to exchange pleasentries. I made a louder more obnoxious honk and this time they noticed I am going to roll all over their asses, they got out of the way but, instead of feeling apologetic, they stared at me, like they want to pick a fight. I stared back in disgust. What is wrong with these ppl, they think its right to have a gathering in the middle of a carpark? Somemore want to stare like wanna fight. I tell you I got my trusty steering wheel lock by my driver's seat, and you wun want to mess with it.

Then later in teh night there was this van that had no idea how to manuver in the car park of another place where I was going to have dinner. Its ok if you are old, its ok if you want to give extra space to the car in front, its ok if you hold up 10 cars behind you while you put your obnoxious ass in the middle of the road where by you could have moved to the side to wait for a lot. Instead, when he saw someone gonna come out of the lot he reversed, almost hitting my car by inches, while he gave 2 car space for teh car in front, I mean, so its ok to reverse inches away from the car behind while giving 2 car spaces to teh car in front? WTF!!!

I did what normal person will do, I horned him, and then he stopped for a while, and look out his window and tried to squeeze out again almost hitting my car. I was furious, I could not reverse as other cars have pinned me in, I pull hard rite and moved away from his van. horned the fucker and gave the full glory of my finger. drove deeper into teh lot and found lots of empty carpark lots, WTF is wrong with this foggy old man that is so set on taking that one lot when there many others aavilable.

Then this morning I came to work only to find this one lot, the problem is that the car next to it parked so close to the line that if he tried to get into his car, his door will hit mine, and the other side had so much space that an elephant can walk pass. Maybe later I will carry a steel rod I need to bring somewhere else and try to squeeze into my car and not carry whether it scratches the fucking inconsiderate fool's car. Maybe just maybe.

WTF is wrong with ppl, the things they do really makes me loose hope for them, It does not take much to be more considerate yet, they are still so inconsiderate. Fellow humans, times like these make me sigh, times like these makes me give up hope, times like these make me feel thankful I am reclused.