Friday, July 22, 2005

Something Amiss

Seems like Wonky tong got back her blog, but I do find that it was her friend that did that to her, a little senseless, I mean if a friend wants to play a prank, why would she change all her tmeplates, why would she move all her post somewhere else, and why ceratin post are deleted. It does not add up.

Where else the pink blog is still white and seems like its going to stay that way a long time. I think for someone like her, whose blog was the foundation of her fame, now lost I wonder if she will still be asked to do special shows on radio and television. I mean the world is a cruel world and once you outlive your usefullness it chucks you away like some used condom. Fucked and cumed all over.

On the side note, last nite was some crazy nite with a big group of the cowboy barflies meeting at some management inept KTV. It was fun but the KTV machcine which listed songs which it does not have is very frustrating to use. Esp when it came to english song, we were playing KTV 4D and waited fro the TV to flicker and hoped for the song to come out.

It ended real late as my godsis came only after 10pm, but we all had fun no less. Met her fiance and he seems very nice and tries hard to make my sis laff, which is a good thing as I seldom see her being with a guy that just did that. Lil miss whiny did not want to get out of bed this morning, sms me her myrid of misfortunes when I was already at work and she was rushing to for work.