Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Subbers fight

Watched a parody of a sub of Gundam seed destiny epi 40 early monday morning which I painfully took 3 hrs to dl. The start of teh epi was ok until the intro song, then all hell broke loose, they sub it in a way that pointed to sexual content about getting teh shirt of teh female captain off and other sexual references.

Then they included rumoured spoilers in upcoming episodes, gave funny names in regards of the original sub group. There is word that there was some arguement within the group which caused it to disband. If you are not following the series it would have been very 'HAHA' funny, but it is frustrating to watch since I have been watching it from teh start. I wanted to carry on watching the progressionof the story not a hormone ncduced parody of the series becoz some pimply kid got too emo and had arguements with each other.

Thus I ended up spending another 4 hrs DLing the proper version and only managed to watched the epi at 7am in the morning, with eyes still heavy. Times like these you have to wonder why ppl cannot get along.