Tuesday, July 26, 2005


However we blog, what ever we write, there will always be ppl whom try to be politically correct, or shld i say blogiticlly correct. I guess its weird that ppl have tod o that, its weird becoz blogging was (and should have always be) for oneself. Yet there was a lot of heat about famous bloggers blogging for their readers. Then when its no longer fun, they create a anon blog and only give the address to their person friends, which they find are all so much more fun than their famouse blog. Hence returning to the actual meaning of what a blog is.

People whom read blogs will in a way always judge, what seperates the chaff from the wheat of bloggers is how these bloggers take the comments, greater bloggers will take the critisim and learn from them, no matter how negative the comments are. Lesser ones get hurt from them and take it personally, to the extend of deleting comments or even changing them. These said bloggers are usually very narrow minded and only live in a world that they think revolves ard themselves and are often childish no matter wad age they get.

Me? I read blogs, I write about how I percieve the blogging world as it has evolved, for worst it seems most of the time. I like to analysis, whether I am rite or wrong, I do not care. I just read blogs, whether I pass judgement or not, I do not know. however if ppl want to put words in my mouth and say I pass judgement, so be it. I only post my views, wad I analysis form wad I read. It could be said a good time to be a blogger but I thinkits abad time to be one, as the media(blogger media and local media alike) distorts the views ppl post, blow things out of porportion. The public telling ppl what to post and not to post also disgust me, unless it affects myself and the person has no rite to post a certain post, picture or whatnot, the rest should just shut the fuck up.

There is also the thing about double standards, everyone has double standards, no matter what. So if you want to be hypocritical on your blog, at least be honest that you are a hypocrite and do not try to be a self righteous ass by trying to be blogitically correct, which never seems to work out. Just admit to having double standards and you might look less like an ass on your blog, well it does not always work though. If you are wondering, yes i have my own double standards too.

Then there is a recent tabloid blogger trying to unrest every secret of blogging there is, posting his/her speculations on certain matters poking where his/her ass dun belong. For ppl like that I heard there is a special kind of hell for them, one that is reserved for child rapist/killers and priest whom rape their alter boy's asses.