Monday, July 25, 2005

She is back, God help us all

Well seems like XX is finally back, hoping that she will humble herself from now on and be more 'matured' in thinking before deciding to pass judgement to the next poor soul that fouls her up. Well we can dream can't we? She is back, and she seems badder.

I have alsways been on the proverbial ass sticking fence, till today, I think that I can safely say that there is no hope for her anymore. Why I say so, well she just cannot fanthom a world outside of herself, contridicting herself countlessly in her recent entry on many issues. Well if you read the whole 'too long' post you will notice that it has myrids of double standards on issues she states.

She also tells all the ppl that says that she got what she deserved off. By saying that is a whole lot of nonsense and she has good karma....PTUUUUUIIIII, good karma my ass. I foresee that one day she is going to piss off one of her obessed fans by not dating/fucking/BJing/toking to him and with all fanatics, will maybe kidnap-cum-rape-cum-murder her. Till then its too late, the killer might get caught, so what, he might get the death sentence, so what, in the end of teh day, your body has been desecrated, your life is no more, your existence is but teh past and meaning less, is it worth being a jackass all these times.

I know I know you all will say she has her thoughts and can voice it the way she wants. So piss off, this is my blog and i have my thoughts and I can say what I want rite?

On that note she states something regarding the whole SPG isssue here

3) I am sick sick sick of the SPG thing. I believe people who get themselves agitated over the SPG issue are in actual fact, non-readers of Izzy.

Those who read Izzy's blog, and sincerely appreciate it, I believe, are educated and mature individuals - not the slimeballs that talk so much. How do I know? Because she WRITES most of the time, and not just strip. Her prose is far too... dare I say that word again, cheam, for these stupid empty vessels who have so much to say.

Furthermore, readers of Izzy will realise that she herself is not upset over what I wrote - on both occasions no less.

I will say this in a very big font lest you miss it:


Well, that's all I have to say regarding my haters. Stop jumping on to the bandwagon like that, and do not assume what you read from other people's blogs (about me) are indeed true. Take some time, read through my archives - if you still find me so loathesome, go ahead and dislike me.

I am not that bad, really. I do think I am a nice girl - just a little more frank and hot-headed than any other girl on the streets - but essentially the same.

AND KENNY AND I ARE STILL GOOD FRIENDS, THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN! We've talked things out, and I believe this has made us understand each other a little better. =)

Well with her above statement about ppl jumping on the 'bandwagon' to dis her, I got only one thing to say. She just took her left hand with her right hand and slaped herself, cause inthe end of the day, whether ppl' dis her or not, its THEIR OPINION. Somthing she has blalantly defended for her writings as it is her blog and she can write what she feels, Same goes for other ppl, they can write anything they want, even if they dis you, same goes for any smart ass whom is gonna come into this blog and tell me that I shld not write this or that, its my blog I can write anything I want.

Lastly to all whom will say that since she makes you so pissed why read her, go click on something else, I got to say this, why not? Its my hand I I do what I do with it, whether I masturbate or click on her blog is none of your business.