Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why are they like that?

I known a few M'sian chinese friends during teh course of my working life, not sure if all M'sian chinese are like that but those that I know tend to be very self centered and fast to shift blame when things go wrong. Not saying that everyone of them are like that but just that everyone of them that I know are like that.

Dun mind me asking, or is it because they are treated like second class citizens in their own country that they have this inbuilt notion to fend for themselves everytime they get the chance to? For instance they do not think of the 'big' picture when work is involved and make everything so clear cut that what is their work and what is our work. Ok My work involves providing students with a service in the university, shld we not work as a whole to give a good service to the whole community? No not this guy, he wun come early at 8am to work becoz he thinks that 'webcast' is my work and he is 'helping' me do it, when it is for their dept.

Even when I have a schedule that dictates that i have a webcast on the same day that is late at nite, becoz of this piece of lazy shit excuse of a human being, I must work on the same day at 8am becoz he stated that their 'team' only takes webcast from 9am till 6pm and no earlier or later. I mean work starts at 830am for every one, and ends at 6pm, so in essence, he will not do OT. He has this typical I will never get taken advantage of attitude. HELLO THIS IS FUCKING SINGAPORE NOT MALAYSIA you know.

Ok I sound racist at this point of time, but in my defense, none of teh other depts give me this shit and they all work OT no matter what. I am wondering why do they keep an asshole like him ard if he is not willing to work OT? Not happy working OT go back to your frigging country. As I state earlier becoz all the malaysian chinese I worked with or encountered in my working life has this attitude, I am entitled to say they are so, that does not mean every single malaysian chinese out there ok?