Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chronicles of a lost hand phone

Between 7 and 8pm : Lil Miss Whiney called and informed me of lost handphone

8 - 9pm : we both frantically call Hp to find out if it is ringing.

10 plus pm : someone picks up the phone but leaves it in his/her bag, I listen to it and hears the person is in a MRT train going northwards (city hall then dhoby gout)

1030 pm : Someone from LMW's office calls me and informs that she may have a lead of the whereabouts of the said Hp, it may have been stolen

722am : There was a missed call from LMW's Hp on my Hp

825am : another woman called me to inform me that she found the note in the toilet about the missing Hp and she has it, informing me to ask LMW to call her when she gets to office.

So in the end, the Hp was not stolen or did the person had teh intention and maybe decided not to after some serious thoughts. At leat not she will get her Hp back. I think I need to surgically sew the thing on her so that she will not loose it.