Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day feels.....

Empty this year, I mean every year before there was some sort of feeling that it is national day, but this year it came and went unnoticed, well at leats for me. I was at a party somewhere in bedok, thus I didnot hear teh jet planes, nor did I see teh fireworks.

Furthermore I had to wake extra early the next day as work schedule is hell to begin with. All this in my mind, how the hell would I enjoy national day? In the end it felt like another holiday that did not mean a thing to me.

I wonder if more and more ppl feel this way for national day, that is is all but another holiday. Maybe that is why more ppl do not feel patriotic these days, aside from the rise of virtually everything. Maybe if the gargerment can give some respectful answers to many of the decisions it made in recent times to the people, we wun e that disgrunted, well maybe.