Friday, August 05, 2005

Your side....My side...Your side...My side......

Its funny that watching a sci fi series can teach you a bit of life. I have been watching the last season of farscape(season 4) for the past 1 week. there was this particular episode that really made me think, it was an episode that the lost in space astronaut John Criton finally gets back to earth.

He was quite shocked that teh american government in the show would not want to share teh alien technology that was shared to them with the rest of the world. John, well he was chased ard the whole universe by badass ugly 'Mofo' aliens whom want the contents in his brain, is appalled that humans are so narrow minded not to put aside their racial and political differences to work towards the good of the whole world.

And form the looks of how we are progressing in the real world, I think his fears are real. We as a species is very infantile, we call each other names or put down each others egos to stroke our own. We kill for pleasure, threaten the world with nuclear weapons to acheive some sort of peace. Man, now I know why I am so anti-human at times. We are not looking at the bigger picture. One day some alien badass will see how frilled up we are and blow the dren out of us.(frill = fuck, dren = shit)

They will see an infantile race that cannot even put away their differences, a race that loves to kill each other and think, heck why not do them a favour and then...BOOM....THE END

Why not put aside all the differences we have, whether its age, sex, race or religon?