Friday, August 05, 2005

Blogs I stalk

Was reading an old friend's post and this is what he had to say in it

I must write this down.

Me, Jack and DD meet at a pub over the weekend, bitching and whining about our current job. Funny thing is, from work talk we jumped to beer talk and we actually got into a fervent argument about what’s the best beer in town.

And right at this moment a very cute waitress pop by. Being the cheeky bastard DD is, he stopped her. “Can I have the best beer in the world, a Hoegarden please.”
Not to be outdone, I also chipped in, “I will also have the best beer in the world, but not Hoegarden. It’s Erdinger. Dark one hor.”

Jack pondered for a moment and ordered a glass of red wine instead.

We both looked him. “So how come you not drinking your Heineken?”

He looked at us solemnly and said, “If you guys not having beer, neither am I.”


He is on funny dude and his readings though having long breaks btw them are generally quite fun to read