Monday, August 22, 2005

Once upon a time in IRC

I used to IRC, oh yes I do, remember the days when ppl have grp meetings and then they state an allocated place to meet and have a dresscode/callsign/password to initiate contact? Oh yes I do, those were the wonderful days....NOT!!

I dread and seldom go for grp outings, to be identified with a nick name or such. Then there is the 'have to approach teh grp protocol' so that ppl wil know you ar emeeting them for 'wadeever' event.

It has been almost a year since I stop IRCing, the place I was in for 4-5yrs. I dun miss it, not all the creeps that ask for young gals company in exchange for money, not all the assholes whom pick up flame was with you to prove that their ego(read as penis) is bigger, not all teh fake bitches that want to have free rides/food/stuff and entice guys to go after them.

IRC is full of sick ppl whom think of wonderful ways to screw your mind. Though not all are bad, 90% of them are really weird. I guess ppl in IRC are most of teh time goofing off and not really into making real friends. As for myself I do not have a single IRC friend that I have met thru the years that I keep in contact at all.

Ppl in IRC are very reserved in opening up, frankly speaking can you trust someone that you only talk to online for months about your darkest secrets? Then there is teh backstabing, the hypocrisy and flame wars that ppl create just becoz you are more popular, look at them a wrong way or just plainly hate your face.

Though its a fact that I met lil miss whiney mainly on IRC 1st, when she approached me that she read my blog and found it interesting. I was intrigue that someone was even interested to read my crap let alone finding it interesting. Well all I can say is that since we read each others blog more than chatted in IRC, I guess we found that we knew each other more an dcan relate to each other better.

I am not saying meeting ppl thru blogging is better as blogging was never meant to be a means of meeting ppl, just an avenue to vent pent up frustration, thoughts and wad not. but so far those that got to know each other thru blogging are less infantile than those meeting in IRC. i am talking about mentality here not age.