Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bob the builder....well not quite

I thinkI will have to rename Bob to sideshow Bob after my talk with him last nite. While I was away in reservist, there was this Balinese couple that very much liked our place when they came to view the house.

Bob came home when they were viewing it and started to make idle chat with one of them. When he learnt that they are from Bali, this is what he had to say, " So how? Bali still got bombings or not? " in his usual I am above you tone of voice. Well the outcome is easy to predict here, the couple was literally 'scared' away by his attitude.

Now when I told him of my own agent that there is a chance that she might get the price that he wants for the flat, at 1st Bob was very receptive, then later he told me that he felt that my agent felt rather shady and do not want to deal with her. He also mentioned to me aboutthe very interested Bali couple, which thinks I did not know about his 'bomb' conversation with them.

So I told him I will talk to him when he got home. Bob is one funny man, ifthe situation was not so serious, I would have asked him to do stand up. I told him that he scared the Balinese away with his talking down of other ppl's country and that he shld think twice b4 shooting his mouth off next time, unless he has no intention of selling the house.

The answer he gave really made me give up talking to him. Instead of his usual I am god almighty response he usually gives. He said that we must make sure of the ppl we sell the place to, that we have a responsiblity to the ppl that we sell teh home to good ppl. I was like WTF.....

HE started raving that when he mentioned about teh bombs their face change, only to show that they are no good ppl. I told him their face change becoz it felt like you are mocking them and who wants to buy stuff from someone mocking them, I mean he has his pride so does other ppl, why does he thinks that his is more import is beyond me.

Bob, or shall I say side show Bob has evolved into another level of nonsense that I have given up on. I still wonder does he really want to sell the place an dhelp the rest of teh family like he boast he will.