Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to Earth, houston we got a problem

I wanted to blog about how 'enjoyable' my 2 week long vacation in the north was, wanted to cursed on all teh hum chee officers, the fucked up system and teh myrid days of rushing to wait and waiting to ruch.

But all these have to wait till my brain is less in a state of shock, when I can think clearly and start blogging properly again. Today I met with our home contractor and he let me have another bomb, it seems that after all teh work we have for our home, it will take another $2.5K to complete it. Both me and lil miss whiney are straped to our asses with finacial issues, these extra cost were hidden and not expected, I always thot that wad we had prepare was enuff.

Maybe I shld set up a 'build our home' donation fund, thus ppl whom like us can donate to that fund to help us tide over that $2.5K, but I am sure ppl will say that I am shameless. oh well, maybe i shld just say that it is a loan to us, but without big ear hole interest of course. So then where is this money going to drop from?