Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Reality check, A true story

Rarely do I induldge the world to my life, nor do I ever reveal anything personal. But for all you stalker fans, I know there is at least 1 out there, I shall give you a bonus today. I shall tell you a more personal story today, no car cutting my lane shit, no finger up someone's nostri, just a good old fashion story.

There once was a man, lets call him Bob, whom lived in a lil place called sillypore. Bob was a typical man of his time, a man whom grew up in sillypore when it was most harsh. Bob was the no nonsense I know everything kinda guy. Bob had a brother lets call him Charle. Bob also had 3 sons, lets call them Bob 1, Bob 2 and Bob 3 respectively.

For years Bob had lead a ok life, doing things to fed his family, to bring up his 3 sons the best he could. Then come one day at the ripe age of 55 Bob was given a token sunm by sillypore, actually its not really given, it was Bob's own money that sillypore forced him to save in their SDF bank. Anyway back to the story, Bob got this token which is really not a small sum, roughly $150K.

Bob gave some of his money to his wife, Mrs Bob, ard $20K and $2K each to his children to spend as a bonus. Then Charlie got wind of his small token and decided to propose a plan to Bob, a plan to make money, to set up a company. Bob is the kind of man that always want to look good infront of ppl, well execpt for ppl in his immediate family. Felt compelled to lend Charlie this money, to fund his venture and hope that it makes money. Bob has always felt that during his time of need Charlie had come to his rescue countless times thus he felt that what he did was just repaying kindness.

For a while Charlie ran his company as well as he could, but somehow his company did not do as well as he tot it shld. He setted up a company to fight the powerhouse of SPG(the company that makes and distribute the nation's neupaper). How can lil old Charlie fight such a hungry monster? Soon enuff his bussiness wound up, but not before borrowing more money from Bob, the bank and the men with big ear holes.

Bob even took back the money he gave Msrs Bob and told her that she cannot refuse lending the money to Charlie. The company collapse, Charlie went into hiding and Bob was made a scapegoat. Yet he has not ever blamed Charlie, and Charlie has no decency to return any of the money he took from Bob.

Bob was still ok for teh years to come as he could still work till the age of 62. All this time Bob was repaying Charlie's bank loan for he was teh scapegoat. Come 62, Bob retired, with no money in the bank, Bob 1 whom has his own family cannot help this one(he is a selfish bastard anyway), Bob 2 has not had a decent job for 5 years and Bob 3 earns only enuff for himself but spares all he can to the family. The family had to make drastic decisions and thus bob 3 said that they had to sell their home, as its the only thing left of value in the house.

Selling this home should have been easy, the place was good, the view was good and it is in the middle of a hub. Problem was, even when bob says he will sell the place, he seems to get very hostile instead of humble at every agent trying to sell the place for him, lso scary some of the customers by bad mouthing their homeland. Even when a buyer offered $2K shy of his target, Bob never relented, he die die wants his way.

Bob has yet to apologize for all he has done and still thinks that he has not done a single thing wrong and blames everyone else for the shit hole he dug. Mrs Bob stope dtoking to Bob and he got very angry, for monnth s he would wake up banging doors and things and cursing her a loud. For months Bob 2 and Bob 3 had to take all that shit.

Bob is my father, its sad really, that in his age he cannot admit defeat or wrong doing. He instead of salvaginig wads our last hope does the opposite by making it difficult to sell the home I have been staying for 29 yrs. The agent called me the last few times coz she does not want to deal with his erratic behaviour. Just this morning my father told me to tell teh agent to call him instead, but kowing him, he will just try to be the asshole he is and tell her off trying to assert his dominance on her when its not required. He is breed inthe time that loud sound equates to winner, which in this world and time is not the case. He is also rather sexiest as he views the femal e to beteh lesser of teh species thus his un relenting behaviour towards the agent.