Thursday, September 22, 2005

Life mimic art

I always thought those movies that stated that in a virtual reality, when your mind suffers an attack, the mind is powerful enuff to simulate the same damage to the real pyhsical damage, were shitting me.

Last nite I had the weirdest of a dream. I cannot rem the details of the dream but I do kno wthat in the midst of it, I had an accident of sorts, and injured my right foot. I also dreamt that I had a limp in my walk in teh dream after that, even so I could almost feel the pain as i took each step in my dream.

This morning when I got up, as I took my 1st step out of bed, I felt a shearing pain in my right foot, as thought its injured. Knowing that I did not hurt it when I got home last nite, I looked down and saw no external injury to it. But it still made me limp a bit as I walk. Till now the pain is still there.

So is it real that the mind is powerful enuff to make something experienced in virtual world a reality?