Monday, October 17, 2005

Lets flog NaiveGuy Day

These few days feels like i am being screwed by everyone. 1stly, bob has not paid teh home utilitiy bills for teh last dun know how many months and it had snowballed to 320 smackers. My bro with no income said, he cannot pay for it. My mum just looked so desperate. so I just had to take the bill, coz no money equates to no power/water the necessary shit to survie.

Then today I realize that this week alone I am doing 3 night duties plus I have to work the 3rd consecutive saturday in a row. If I have to work a few sats but not in a row it woiuld be fine. But ever since my ROM, I have been doing every single sat and I found it to be a bit excessive on my end that I am made to pay for thetime I was away due to reservist which is not by my choice to begin with.

Then sparked off a long e-mail to and fro from a few parties, in teh end, I am still doing my 3rd sat in a row(so much for the fucking 5 day work week promised) At least now I have only to work 2 nights instead of 3. Not much improvement but I take wadever I can get, that is, being a bottom feeder


Turns out that I have todo 4 nights this week and not 3, though now someone has taken to do my friday nite duty, that means I still have 3 night duties, Whoopeee...its fun being me rite...nah beh