Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today I gave her the sky

Wanted to make this post earlier, well I still have to post about the Bkk trip, the happenings for the past 2 weeks, but since there is no internet at home, and work is getting really crazy as a colleague of mine is on study leave. I have not much time to blog.

But I do have to mention this. Sassy Jan's blog is titled 'Asking for the Sky' and on last sunday I gave her just that. No I am not having an affair like a lot of you ppl are thinking. I am giving her model airplane flying lessons. She has mentioned that she so much wanted to fly a kite, I was like, why fly kites when you can fly a plane and that started it all.

Her 1st flying lesson was not too bad, well only that she is not used to the concept that in an airplane, when you move the stick down, the plane goes up and when you push the stick up the plane goes up, no biggie, just that she put the slow stick into a dive a few times.

Lets hope that she will continue to take lessons as its always good to expand the members of this hobby

ok ok I mention ok.......

Later in the afternoon I went flying again since it was teh last day we can do it at MS. This time i taught lil miss whiny how to fly, why I did not mention it earlier is becoz he tag line is not asking for the sky mah, thus did not have teh same impact as mentioning sassy jan, not that I dun want to mention MY lil miss whiney whatsoever

Anyway her training was much better as we had mor eflying time, and being my wife , I could put my arms ard her to hold on to the sticks while she flew. She did better and thus flew longer but the heat fo teh evening sun made us a bit sweaty and soon we have to conclude the flight.

I think I soon can start a sch to teach new flyers leow. :P