Monday, September 26, 2005

Foreign talent....MY ASS

I have always wondered why we get so many foreign talents into sillypore? Is that the creativity levels from the populace of in bred(we have been called that since our pop is only 4 mil, thus we must have in bred with each other all teh time) ppl in this nation that is so low that we need to infuse it with so called foreign talents?

Less this post becomes a racist post, which by the way is not, I am not posting about a certain race , more like a certain trait that I seem to find in a certain nationality of ppl that are considered 'foreign talent' and out big brother had been dumping money to nurture such asshole bright minds.I will not be stating the grp of ppl I am toking about else they might slap a seditious charge at me b4 I can even have my own home with lil miss whiny.

No doubt that I thinkthat these ppl are bright. They may even have very high IQs, yet their EQ is very low. I can safely say that their EQ can be inversely propotionate to their IQs.

Just today when I am trying to get a table in teh canteen for lunch, there were 2 of them seated at a 2 man table. They had finished their meals and were happily toking. I stood close by to wait for their tablle, at 1st they seem like they wanted to move, but when they saw me standing there waiting, theymoved their trays back on the table and started to chat. If it was at any other time or place, it would be fine. But they were sitting at a staff corner that states that the seats were reserved for staff from 12 to 2pm.

I am not saying that these 2 individuals arenot staff, bbut I am saying that since there is a sign that states the reservation for staff, shld they not know that during this time of 12 to 2pm it would be very busy and thus other staffs or ppl for that fact need to find a table to sit and eat so that they can move on and go back to work? NOOooooo these morons were happily chatting in therir usual tua sia voices. NAH BEh

Then when I finally got a seat at another table that left after their meals, I went to make my order, for some reason there was another guy whom was from the same country as the 2 assholes, sranding behind me. After my order was taken and I await my food and while the person in front of me hadnot moved off yet, this asshole, started to push from behind me, thrusting his hand infront and made his oorder and shoved the money to the stall holder. He even got a tray and pushed past me putting it on teh counter. All this happened b4 I even got my food.

WTF is wrong with these assholes. Do they even kow teh meaning of courtesy? I got my food, glared at teh fucker and walked away. So then, does or big brother want more of its own ppl becoming as rude as these assholes since they like to attract them in hordes to sillypore? Then why all the BS abt courtesy and all.

I got back to my seat and the other 2 assholes were still chatting. These fuckers think a world of themselves, I was tempted to go up to one oiof teh more guai lan looking asshole and plant my fist squarely into his face. But I have to keep my job and thus I digress. Not surprisingly, even when I finished my food, they were still there.