Friday, October 14, 2005

So much to blog about....

As some of you may know, we went to thailand some where from 17th of Sept till 19th of sept, we have pictures and all but am still too lazy to blog about the whole trip.

There was the whole 2 weeks after that that lead to my ROM on the29th of Sep, yet due to some reasons some of you know i could not blog about teh event. less I invite witch hunters o my blog again and make a whole cumotion.

Anyway I felt its time to talk aboout it.

29th Sept 2005 morning 10 am

Was getting ready to drive down to Lil miss whiney's and pick her up, got her stalk of 'ball flower' and was on my way.


Got there and she was not ready, watched her fused over things and waited 10 mins b4 we left.


Caught in a Jam on the CTE on a thursday....why like that?

11:05 am

Got there a bit late but still had to wait at least half an hour b4 we got our turn. ROM nowadays super unglam, machiam like converyor belt. couple go in, couple go out.

12:30 pm

Gotto holland V spizza and had our lunch for the families. Event was a success.


Got to the new place to show the families wad it looks like, they seemed impressed so far.

All in all the day was tiring but very sucessful, we had our laffs an dfun and had a great lunch. the next few days after that was busy buying stuff to stock up tehhouse and unpacking all the things we brought over from our own homes.