Wednesday, November 02, 2005

30 min Sweet sour pork

I swear that i will never go to that coffee shop zhi char that thinks their food is so good that they lost my order and made us wait 30 mins for one freaking dish to be tarbaoed.... The coffee shop is the so called crab specialist zhi char in yishun chong pang market side.

When we made our order, we were told that we only needed to wait 15 mins to get our food. But teh lady that took our order walked off without writing our order. We went to a side stall after ordering to get something to munch on.

10 mins later and we were waiting outside the stall wondering whether they will get the thing on time. at min 20 I started to get agitated, asked the boss where is the food I ordered, was given a lame ass excuse that other ppl get theirs 1st is because they ordered teh same thing as the eariler order thus they were cooked in a batch.

Then a single order of pai ku wang was made which was ordered later than ours and that made me blow my top. I told the ppl that its riddiculous since they gave other ppl's single order before ours. I wanted to walk off at that time. One of teh cook immediately made our order and we got it in 5 mins. Still this was already 30 mins after our inital order.

The stupid lady can only give us a pai seh when handing us the order. I was so pissed that I swear I will never go back there, no matter how good teh food is. Its not worth the shit they put me thru. They have no system to take orders and everything was put on teh table, and the cooks randomly chooses one and cooks it.

Well some lady came to us all of a sudden and told us that there was another place to eat in future ard the corner, no idea whether she was a competitor or just some auntie that also got frustrated with this stall. Well thank goodness I dun need to go there often, thus I wun be eating in that area anytime soon.