Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Look... Its Multicoloured bear....

Over the weeked, I had lesson yet again for the one asking for the sky, Lil miss whiney did not fly this weekend, instead she opted to be the camera woman. She had lots of fun video the planes and giving commentary for the yet boring flights.

The sky asker did very well this time round and she manage to fly the plane at times of more than 5 mins, which is a great feat, though she needs to improve on areas where she has to control the plane and not let the plane control her, or for that matter the wind.

After the saturday evening flight, we decided to go to causeway point for dinner. It was crowded and everywhere we went had a que outside. We finally decided to settle for crystal jade. Food was good as usual as we do not expect any less from the famous chain of chinese resturant.

The Meal was a tad bit too heavy and thus our journey to burn off some excess fats and investigate the shopping mall to see wad treasures it beholds us. In to a PC shop, the gals spotted a rather onimous mouse pad with a CGI gal's upper torso imprinted on it. Get this, the wrist rest is actually the gal's boobs, so the gals decided to have some fun with taht and used my hand to model as it wanting to grope the boobs. Sales ppl were laffing at us, yes we are shameless.

Venturing to metro toy dept, here is where the highlight of the day is, we were barely into the toys section when I spotted some new generation care bear stuff toys that were slightly bigger than palm size. At 1st we were proding on eof the bears in pyjamas and trying to figure out teh hood. LMW then picked up a multicoloured bear and I started to giggle a bit.

Then i said out loud, "you know how this bear came to?" Before the gals can react I blurted out " Its becoz one fine day all the care bears decided to have a Mass orgy" out in loud and clear. Near by was this 30-40 yr old man with his kids, on hearing that he glared at me, on see that, teh gals bolted away as fast as they can trying to act as though they did not know me. I dropped teh bear and left briskly too.

Maybe the guys kids wi=ould be asking their daddy wad is mass orgy...hahahhahah. Anyway I have kristen the bear Mass Orgy Bear. If anyone is interested to know wad it looks like, when you are a toy deppartment and you see a rainbow coloured bear, that is it. You can also called it by its dialect name, Chap Cheng Bear.