Friday, November 25, 2005

A time to talk

I have not made much noise over the much talked abt issue of personal modification, for this case, to modify ones looks to be , lets say, more appealing. Yes everyone is talking abt dawn yeo and being me, I dun do wad every one does. Instead I just want to put my take on personal modification.

Well how to touch teh nerves of many here, lets put it this way, personal modification(PM) be it on your real face where you have to endure many hours of pain to go thru the knife or 'plastic' where its well known of, or photoshopping your face and publising it, yes we many of us do it. Just shows the level of self confidence a person has, and from wad ihave szeen recently out there about allteh talk about getting face/nose/tit jobs, I think there is little or none out there.

Come on ppl, whatever happened to being contented to wad your mum and pops gave you eh? Sure we dun like many features of ourselves, but must we change it to find acceptance form the ppl ard us? If that is the case, then I guess that these such ppl live a sad existence and might as well be better off throwing themselves off swissotel.

With that I got a jokes and the true story to end this post and i hope that to the less dense out there they get the hidden msg.


A 30 yr old woman was in surgery to removel her appendix. While she was out cold she had a dream, she dreamt of God and being a god fearing person, she was afraid that her time has come. But God told her that she will live to a ripe oldage of 68.

With that knowledge, she felt that since she had so much time left, she wanted to enjoy life to its fullest. Being unhappy abt her looks all this time and decide to have sugery done to change everything the day she got discharge.

2 weeks later she got out with new eyes, sharper nose, raised cheeks, bigger tits and tighter butt. While crossing the road an ambulance came by and ran over her, killing her instantly.

When she got to the gates of heaven, she demanded that she was supposed to live tilll 68, and that god had lied to her. In response, God said :

'I did not recognize you'

A true story

A man in China took a beautiful wife and lived happily for a few years. He had 3 children but all of them were very ugly and looked nothing like his wife. Infuriated thinking that his wife has had affairs outside teh marriage, he threatened divorcing her. Only then she revealed that she used to be very ugly and went for full facial augmentation.